Air France



Air France is the main French airline established since year 1933. Jointly with KLM, it is one of the world's leading air carriers in terms of income and travelers transported.

Air France has major resources in a firmly focused context: the powerful hub of Paris-Charles de Gaulle, a balanced network, an optimized fleet, members from SkyTeam, a worldwide partnership with 20 member airlines, a joint venture with Delta, an inventive product offer, putting the client at the core of its methodology, a strict cost control technique.


  • 98.7 million passengers carried
  • 25,545 Ground staff
  • 12,033 flight attendants
  • 3,602 pilots


Travel with additional extra space to move around, be among the first travelers to leave the airplane, enjoy the quiet environment of a smaller cabin, or hold a seat with only one neighbor. Find our Seat Options and pick the seat that is ideal for you!

Seat plus
To ensure you get more extra space to move around all through your whole flight, pick a Seat Plus.

Duo seat in a row of 2
Pick the Duo Seat choice. You are assured to travel in a row of two.

Seat at the front of the cabin
To ensure you are among the first travelers to leave the airplane, pick a Seat at the front of the Economy cabin.

Duo seat on the A380 upper deck
Situated on the upper deck of A380, this seat offers a quiet smaller cabin, with the advantage of traveling with only one neighbor.


Searching for a place that provides space for rest, work and refreshment? Come unwind in our lounges.

Find the Arrivals lounge at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airplane terminal, situated in Terminal 2C. The lounge offers showers, buffet and drinks, and also free access to WiFi. Whatever your seat is, you can rest and refresh after your flight. The entrance charge for this lounge is minimal as per the duration, subject to accessibility.

Please note: For air terminals not served via Air France, use our SkyTeam accomplices' lounges. To discover more, go to the SkyTeam website or simply gather info at the air terminal.


Flying Blue is the loyalty programme of AIR FRANCE KLM.

With flying blue, you procure miles when you fly but the fun doesn't stop there. Book a night at a hotel, rent a car, spend at one of our online partner boutiques, pick a bank card that gets you miles each time you utilize it… and watch your Miles and XP counter soar higher!

How flying blue functions?

You can procure miles and utilize them to get what you need; you can pick up XP (experience points) and progress to the following level for more generous perks; and you can simply gain more miles!

Earn miles with your tickets

You get Miles with all AIR FRANCE, KLM, JOON and HOP flights. The quantity of Miles you acquire depends upon the money you spend and your Flying Blue level:

Explorers earn 4 Miles for each Euro spent,

  • Silver members procure 6 Miles for every Euro spent,
  • Gold members earn 7 Miles for every Euro spent,
  • Platinum members win 8 Miles for every Euro spent.

We do exclude taxes when we consider your amount but we do incorporate carrier charges and any Options you've purchased!

Use your miles

With Miles, make your dreams come true. They are your new type of cash. You can simply book a flight; enjoy an upgrade, choose a Seat Option or something delicious from an A la Carte menu, rent a car and much more.

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