Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made for flights by calling us on this number - +1-888-587-9996, or by emailing us at this address - 3104 North Armenia Ave Suite 2 Tampa, Florida 33607. All such requests will be dealt with on behalf of the Suppliers concerned. Customers do not have an automatic right of cancellation unless such rights are provided by the individual Suppliers under their Rules and Restrictions which are provided to the Customer prior to booking.

In the event of cancellation or partial cancellation of a booking by the Lead Customer, charges may be imposed by the applicable Suppliers. Where a cancellation affects more than one person on the booking, any applicable cancellation charge will be applied in respect of each person on the booking.

A fee may be imposed by the applicable Supplier in the event of a cancellation to a booking – please refer to the Rules and Restrictions notified in the booking process for more details.If the Customer does not present himself / herself at the departure of the trip, refunds will only be due to the Customer in line with the Rules and Restrictions of the applicable Suppliers as notified in the booking process.

If a Customer wishes to cancel any part of a booking, and if such cancellation is permitted by the applicable Supplier, then a Galaxie Travels cancellation administration fee will apply in addition to any fees imposed by the Supplier. Fees charged by Galaxie Travels - _________ per passenger.

Galaxy Travels reserves the right to cancel a Customer's booking if full payment for the booking, or any applicable cancellation fee relating to a booking is not received in a timely fashion.