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Welcome to Miami, the forefather of American snowbird vacations.

The city’s is rated highly in terms of attractiveness and style, and it offers one of the best nightlife scenes for singles. The first week of december has the city artistically consumed by the cultural vibrancy of Art Basel. Cheap Flights to Miami for all seasons with Galaxietravels.

South Beach is dotted with couple-friendly resto-bars and high-end nightclubs. One of the hottest cities in terms of the party lovers, the many rooftop bars and pools are alive with singles and merry love birds alike. Flight Tickets to Miami at unbelievable rates with Galaxietravels. Other intriguing places in Miami - Little Havana and South Beach.

Easily the most travel friendly city in the country, Miami is famous for Art Deco architecture featuring iconic creamy yellow, blue, pink, and purple walls. Downtown Financial district, neighbourhoods like Brickell and even Midtowns’ Design District are all frequented by the travelers and locals. Airline Tickets to Miami at best prices with Galaxietravels.

Galaxietravels specializes in Cheap Airfares to Miami for all seasons. The winter chillz and glorious sandy beaches dazzles visitors with the iconic mojitos and some great looking locals. Inspite of the massive hotel and restaurant boom Florida underwent in recent decades, all due to Alan Faena realty wizardry, Miami’s grand architecture tends to get a little daunting to some travelers.